truly love the amount of violence my friends harbor 


who is she


no war but the skeleton class war

needykitten replied to your post “lmao I just got stood up I’m gonna punch this wall”

ily and i would never do that wheres this villian at imma tell him of his treachery

fly here and help me punch him in the face

lmao I just got stood up I’m gonna punch this wall


Hello, Cruel World 


Via unimpressedcats:

"Can’t wait for the meowtch!" - cat tells football players before the Volga Nizhniy Novgorod vs Krylia Sovetov game.

Me playing sports.


steal his look: charlie kelly

urban outfitters “horsin’ around” destructed tee ($78)
1989 gucci long johns ($690)
loius vuitton casual tube socks ($120)


how to get a girls panties wet:

  1. kiss her roughly 
  2. shove her down on the bed
  3. slip off her underwear
  4. slam dunk em in the toilet

"If you don’t have a seat at the table, you’re probably on the menu."

-Elizabeth Warren summing up why we need more women in politics with one massively on-point quote (via micdotcom)